What are the steaks made of?

Water, soy protein concentrate(27%), sunflower oil, natural flavours, colouring (red beet juice concentrate, acerola extract), thickeners (carrageenan, methylcellulose), vitamin B12.

Are there any allergens present in the steaks?

Our meats contain soy. However, if you’re one of those folks who got stuck with a WTF? kind of allergy that leaves waiters scratching their heads...first of all, we feel your pain (seriously, allergies suck), and secondly, you’d better check our full list of ingredients.

Do the steaks contain gluten?

Nope. We don't use gluten in our products or in our production plant. But since we don't test every batch for small traces of gluten, we cannot guarantee that they are 100% gluten-free.

Do we use GMO soy?

Allour ingredients are Non-GMO. We’re hoping to get our fancy certificate soon. Once our intern, Riccardo, finishes the paperwork he started in February of 2020.

Are the steaks kosher?

I can’t imagine a cooler phrase to use at parties than “Yeah, I’m certifiably Kosher.” But, unfortunately, we can’t use that phrase, because we are not kosher (yet).

How long can it last in the fridge before going bad?

Check the "best before" date on the packaging. If steaks arrive frozen and are kept in the freezer: eat by the “best before” date. If thawed: eat within 3 days after thawing. 

How to prepare the steaks?

There are a million ways to make your Marbles. Click to see our recipes or operating manual for inspiration. However, if you think you’re gonna bungle it all up, here’s the fool-proof method:

Basic prep: If the meat is frozen, let it thaw before cooking. Using a sharp knife, cut the meat into strips or chunks (unless you’re cooking the whole steak). Salt and pepper lightly. Heat some oil in a pan over medium heat. Then cook until you achieve a golden brown crust on all sides, or about 4 minutes on each side for a 2-3cm thick steak.

Always cook to an internal temperature of 74°C. And be sure not to overcook the meat. The Interior may be red or pink when fully cooked, but this is a-okay, as it will have the texture of a perfect, medium-rare steak. Bon appetite!

What's the deal with 'natural flavors'?

'Natural flavors' is just an umbrella-term for vegetable-derived flavorings. A glorified spice mix, if you will, that helps us create a meaty flavor profile. The reason we don't disclose exactly which flavors we use is the same reason you don't go around telling every Joe-Shmo your great-grandmother's recipe for the perfect fruit jello: tis a secret.

However, if you're concerned you may have an allergy to our ingredients, please email us at support.us@juicymarbles.com

Shipping questions

How do you ship the steaks?

We ship our steaks frozen with ice packs and insolation inside the packaging. When they reach you, they will either be frozen or about refrigerator temperature.

After we process your order, it will ship the following Monday or Wednesday and arrive 1-3 days later. We only ship at the beginning of the week to prevent weekend delays and guarantee maximum freshness :)

Can you re-freeze the steaks once they’ve arrived?

Yes, if your steaks arrive thawed, you can re-freeze them and eat within 12 months, or by the 'best before' date on the packaging.

How to make sure that the steaks are stored and cooked properly?

Keep refrigerated at +40℉ — +46℉. Thaw in the refrigerator and eat within 3 days of opening. Do not eat if the package is damaged or bloated. Cook to an internal temperature of +165℉. And always…I repeat…always whisper something nice (or naughty) to your steak before eating it.


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